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March 2014

The 11, 17 and 24 Gallon Oval
Tanks now come with a
Solid Lid, Blue Interior
and Removable Aeration
and Filtration System
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Starter Kit
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a new baittank. Be sure to
check out our starter kit.
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Sunshine Grayline Bait Tank Features

  • All materials used in the manufacture of the Grayline Bait Tank are TOTALLY saltwater resistant.
  • Only the finest stainless steel hardware is used for construction.
  • The Filtration System and the Aeration System are combined. The filtration system is a gravity flow process, while the Aeration System is achieved by introducing fresh air into the bottom of the Bait Tank.
  • The entire Bait Tank is insulated including the bottom. Summertime heat transferring from the boat deck does not heat the bait allowing for greater bait life.
  • The Bait Tank insulation is sealed with exterior and interior polyethylene walls.
  • Total UVH Stabilization is achieved from the materials used in construction of our Bait Tank. This unique process contributes to greater bait life.
  • The inside portion of the tank lids are constructed using a seal to prevent water sloshing out onto your boat.
  • Only quiet ‘Rule’ pumps are used in our Bait Tanks.
  • All pumps are 12 Volt low amp (2 amp/hr) pumps allowing for longer use without discharging your battery.
  • Drainage is available via a discharge port in the back of the Bait Tank. An optional high speed specially designed pump is available for extra cost if desired.
  • Easy close/Easy open flat lid on the 20 gal, 30 gal, 40 gal, and 50 gal oval tanks.
  • The 25 and 35 gallon tank have the same great features as the oval tanks except for a molded-in filter box.