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March 2014

The 11, 17 and 24 Gallon Oval
Tanks now come with a
Solid Lid, Blue Interior
and Removable Aeration
and Filtration System
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John David from Tennessee -- Keeping Shad Alive and Frisky for 3 Days!!!

Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful design and quality of my new 40gal Grayline bait tank. Most of the folks in the TSBA (Tennessee Striped Bass Association) here swear by Ron's Super 2 tanks. I'm hear to tell ya, I'll put my Grayline up against any one of them any day. I've been keeping gizzard and threadfin shad alive and frisky for 3 days easily in 90+ degree temperatures. Checkout my old McKee Craft and the 30 pounder I caught below Melton Hill dam using an 8" shad from my new tank. This tank is awesome. Thanks again.

Ps: I'm utilizing 1 cup of rock salt, one tablespoon of baking soda and a dash of garlic powder per every ten gallons of water. It seems like a lot, but it seems to work amazingly. If there were any con to all the pros, it would be the charcoal filter bag. The stiches were loose and came apart thus, a lot of the pellets were lost. I had to discard it.

 bait tanks

 bait tanks

Tabitha Linville -- The 50 Gallon Grayline Tank is AWESOME!

Hi my name is Tabitha Linville. My fiance Justin Conner & I do several catfishing tournaments; the Kanawha River Catfish Club,Care Catfish Club, Bend Area Care, Children's Miracle Network, Cabelas & SeaArk, as well as fish every weekend. We have the 50 gallon Grayline bait tank and it is awesome! We usually catch 50-70 shad any where from 8-10 inches for tournaments. We usually catch the shad the night before and the bait tank keeps them all alive and kicking for all night and all the next day. We have also had them to live several days in the tank. I was really amazed at how great it works because we had tried several other ways to keep shad alive and never could keep them all alive. The water stays cool & clean as long as we keep the filters clean. We have done extremely well and have several 1st place wins because we could keep our bait alive all because of the Grayline Bait tank & how well it is built! I would recommend these bait tanks to anyone trying to keep bait alive for several hours & because they have the best customer service around!

Ernie Wilt -- Minimal Scales, Great Product

Just a quick note on my new 30 gal tank. I got a chance to use it this weekend and it worked great! I was pleasantly surprised to find that the shad and alewife shed so many less scales than in other "tanks" I've used. To me, this shows the baits were "happy". The scotch brite pads were a success in catching the few scales that were pumped to the filter box. The best part was how easily they shook off. Thanks for all the help and for a great product!

Carl Hart from Lewiston, Michigan -- The Yetti of Bait Tanks

I just want to let you know that we are all VERY impressed with the design and ease of use with your Grayline Bait Tank!! it really is the Yetti of Bait Tanks!!!

Our biggest problem when Ice fishing is trying to keep our bait alive - too many times our non-insulated tanks would freeze and our bait would die. We've been looking for the ultimate insulated portable bait tank and came across your Grayline insulated tanks on the net and decided to make the small investment to solve our minnow freezing problem and purchase your 17 Gallon Tank. With the understanding that you have never sold the Grayline Bait tanks in the North and had no testing information on the performance of the Grayline bait tank in sub-freezing temperatures, I am pleased to inform you that after a week of Ice-Fishing your product works GREAT for keeping live bait at low temperatures with ZERO minnow loss!!!

* The Grayline bait tank was kept in an enclosed porch with no heat - Average temp in the room was roughly 7-10 degrees with a 2 day low temperature of minus 17 degrees.
* We ran the system as directed with FULL air pressure (water temp with the air off was roughly 45 to 50 degrees) and this kept the water temp at roughly 33 to 38 degrees
* Minnows - we had 5 dozen Golden's with an average size of 3 inches and 5 dozen Gray's with the average size of 2 inches - ZERO MINNOW LOSS!!

To sum it up, we would HIGHLY recommend your product to ice fisherman!

We look forward to promoting your product to all of our fellow ice fisherman!!!!!

Good luck and thank you for bringing this GREAT product to market!!!!

Steve -- Caught a Trophy

Caught a trophy yesterday, a 32 pounder, first fish ever over 30 lbs.

 bait tanks

Chris -- Thanks for such a GREAT product.

Hi, just wanted to let ya know how much I'm enjoying my new 30gal tank! I fish a lot of catfish tournaments on the Ohio river and the tank has been amazing! I can go out the day before and catch about 30, 6-8" shad and I know they'll be alive and kickin the following day at tournament time! You can't keep the big flatheads off of a lively 8" shad, this tank is the best investment I've made for fishing these big flats. I can't say enough about the quality of construction and the durability of Grayline, absolutely the best hands down! Thanks for such a great product!!

Chris Edwards from Conroe, TX -- EZ, EZ, EZ -- These tanks are great!!!

Hey George it's Chris From Catch A Trophy Fishing Guide service on Lake Conroe Texas. I would like to take the time to tell you how great your bait tanks are compared to all the other tanks on the market today. As a hybrid striper guide having lively shad everyday is a really important part of this business. I have tried just about all other bait tank brands that are available on the market and nothing compares to the quality and performance of keeping bait alive and not breaking. These tanks are tough, EZ to drain, EZ to clean, EZ to maintain, reliable in rough water and the list goes on! Being able to rely on a bait tank that is going to hold up to everyday hard commercial use is very important as a fishing guide. Thanks so much George for the great reliable customer service that you back up behind your great product! Sunshine Grayline bait tanks are all I use. They are with out a doubt the best and toughest performing bait tanks out there! ><> Thanks again! Chris ><> ><>

 bait tanks

Mike Depolo -- Finally A Baittank That Performs

After years of dealing with numerous homemade tanks and fighting with problems, jammed pumps and high maintenance bait keeping while on the water, I decided to purchase one of your tanks. The 40-gallon performed exceptional on my recent 5-day trip to NC for a striper trip. I ran that tank for 5 days straight without turning it off (other thank to change the water a few times) and had no problems at all. The filtration and aeration system are great and very easy to fire up and forget (with a little filter cleaning a couple times a day). We fished daily from dawn till dusk and can't say enough about the perfomance of the tank. Thanks again for the great support and customer service.

 bait tanks

Kenny Wylie -- WORTH THE WAIT

Just got my new bait tank 30 gallon,blue interior,solid lid,with aeration and I could not be happier. I waited a long time to get the best tank and it was worth the wait. This tank is virtually indestructible, I couldn't believe how thick the sides and bottom are, it is everything I had hoped for. Thanks for all the help with choosing the right tank. This tank will last the rest of my life and then my son can have it. My cell number is 678-449-9101 if anyone is not sure about the quality of your product, I'll be glad to tell them.

Doug Robinson -- Thanks a Bunch

I really appreciate the awesome customer service and advice you gave me. I did quite a bit of research before I called and from what I read your company makes a very quality takes as good as you can buy anywhere. We are in the wholesale tire business with locations throughout the South and I promise you the customer service you guys give is excellent. We also strive to do the same and with your you guys willingness to help and go the extra mile, I am positive you have a very successful company.

Thanks again and i look forward to using this tank on Lake Texoma and Lake Lewisville this weekend.

Greg Hummel from Milan, IN -- What a Catch

The bait tank worked great! I hooked this 36 inch 21lb striper on Lake Norris, Tennessee during last weeks fishing trip.

 bait tanks


It all happened so fast, it is a blurr. I was coming home from a trip to Port Isabel on the southern tip of Texas in late July, 2009 when something caught my eye. It was my Grayline Tank sailing out of the back of my boat while I was going down the highway at 70 MPH. I had left one of the doors unlatched before leaving and had emptied the tank, so with a 30 MPH wind and traveling at highway speeds, the bait taink became a sail and lifted up 10 feet or so and slammed and bounced and rolled onto the highway. I had to find a place to turn around, but when I got back to the tank, expecting to find my tank destroyed, it was all pretty much in tact. The tank itself only has a scratch on one end at the top. The impact did break off the T-handles on the hatch doors and cracked the center hinge support, but that's about it. Total parts to repair were under $15. For any money, I will stay with, not only the best bait saver on the market, but undoubtedly, the toughest to boot!


Stan and Julie, Lake Texoma striper guides, sent us this adorable picture of their twins sitting on a Sunshine Grayline Bait Tank. Check out their website here.

 bait tanks


This is the night of the 4th, I have actually had shad in your bait tank now for 3 days, today being the second catch. I just wanted to check in and inform you, so far, this tank is AMAZING!! The weather has been in 60s here, not what I had hoped for. Caught 1 Largemouth 9lb, 8oz. along with a nice walleye. Whitebass and Hybred is co-operating, but, I wouldnt have got these if it wasnt for this tank FOR SURE!!!


I decided to mount the tank permanently in the back deck of my skiff. I now have the 50 gallon up front and the 17 gallon in back. I can keep bait for days!!! Thank you for such a great tank.

 bait tanks

 bait tanks

 bait tanks